Kelowna Wedding Cake Ideas

When it comes to organizing a wedding, there are so many things to consider. Choosing the right cake is an important part of the ceremony. Luckily, this does not have to be stressful or difficult – it can be a lot of fun comparing different styles and flavors and deciding what you like best!

Kelowna Wedding Cakes

When you are accommodating many guests, it is always good to go with a classic flavor – vanilla or chocolate are all-time favorites for good reason. Classics like this can always be made special by using delicious combinations of flavors or adding elements like fruits or buttercream. In the end, though, the preference of the couple is most important: if you are fans of an exotic or unusual flavor, go for it!

Average Cost

The price of a cake depends on its size and whether there are special ingredients, but on average, couples spend $325 on their wedding cake. That includes prices between $200 on the lower end of the range and those of about $700.


Wedding cakes are pretty big, so you don’t have to worry about ordering several of them. Each tier could basically count as its own cake! A standard three-tiered cake is perfect for weddings with 80 to 100 guests.


Popular alternatives are towers made of smaller desserts like macarons, brownies,   or donuts. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry – an offering of elegant cheese and olives presented in tiers can look very festive. You could also opt for a large savory pie or pastry.

What Is The Difference

Traditionally, wedding cakes have several tiers, at least three, and a topper in the center of the highest tier, usually depicting a married couple. Nowadays, as alternatives to traditional versions are becoming popular, the biggest difference lies in the presentation. Whether you opt for a sweet or savory dish as a centerpiece, a professional will make sure that it looks worthy of the occasion and draws the guests’ attention.


It takes time to put a wedding cake together, but they cannot be made too far in advance since they need to be served fresh. A cake can be baked about three days before it is served without it having to be frozen. Anything longer than this, it needs to be frozen – and keep in mind that a cake of that size will need a couple of days to properly defrost.


Traditionally, this desert symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and fertility. It stands for a happy long-lasting marriage with many children, in which the couple has everything they need. Sometimes, the couple freezes the top layer is saved to eat it on their first anniversary or the baptism of their first child.