Choosing Your Reception Site

Finding a reception site is as equally important as the ceremony site. These are the most important decisions a bride will need to make on the road to planning her special day. To choose a reception site a bride needs to decide on some key points.

  • First, choose a couple of dates. It is highly unlikely both sites will be available on the same day and relatively close to each other. If you pick a couple of dates you will give yourself a bigger list of places to choose from.
  • Second, how many guests will you invite? If you don’t know how many you can’t begin to look. Reception sites vary in how many guests they can hold. You need to know if you want a plated meal or a buffet style meal service. Find out if this number includes room for the cake & gift table with plenty of room for the DJ or band. Will all of your guests fit with room to spare?  You don’t want to crowd people just because you love the place.
  • Third you will need to set the budget. Do you want a place to be all-inclusive or do you want to book a venue and hire all your own vendors?  This will make a difference on how much it will cost you. Some brides have a clear vision of what their wedding day will look like. I would suggest a coordinator if you choose to go with a venue who does not supply all the vendors needed through out the reception. Someone needs to pull all aspects of planning together. The brides who don’t know where to begin I would suggest an all- inclusive venue. There will be less decisions to be made because the site has a vendor list and the phone numbers to make your appointments Those vendors already know the site and can guide you through your event. Less time means less money.

These points will give you a good start when shopping around. Great, you have decided the date, how many guests, type of facility and your budget. You are off to a good start. Simply calling to get pricing is not enough. Go to these places, do a walk through. Check out the parking situation. See how it looks around the time of day you will hold your reception. Ask as many questions as possible. See if there are any hidden costs that aren’t mentioned up front. Most businesses will give you the basic price with no extras that you will need. That’s fine but have a real sit down with your sales person and make them put everything on paper so you can review it later. Now lay all the information out. Maybe you have more questions because one place covered something another place did not.

You need to educate yourself and be confident in your decision. Its important to note that you trust your sales person and know they can relate to your needs. Do they communicate well and in a timely manner? I know from experience this is a real big deal for brides. A bride doesn’t want to wait and wait for an answer. Once you have the perfect place you will be able to ask every question possible about your wedding day. When you are satisfied you will need to sign a contract and give a non-refundable deposit. Feel good about it, you have the two major decisions made. You can move on to the dress, bridesmaids, tuxedos, and invitations….

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